Price Match



If we are ever beaten on price, tell us and we will match that lower price. We don’t want you to find a lower price elsewhere and lose you to a competitor in particular one off shore. So if you do find a lower price, let us know so we can match it. And you will get the savings on that item when you purchase – not through vouchers on future purchases.


Criteria for a match

All of French Touch in-stock products are eligible for a price match provided the following criteria are met: –

  • The product is intended for delivery to NZ
  • The competitor’s product is identical to French Touch’s
  • The competitor’s product is in stock at the time of price matching
  • The competitor’s price is lower even after any differences in shipping costs
  • The competitor’s price excludes volume or membership discounts
  • If a price includes a voucher-type discount, that discount must be live and visible to all site visitors at the time of the price matching.

To obtain a match

If you would like a price matched, please contact us by email. Make the subject title “Price match request”, and include the following information: –

  • The product code of the French Touch product you wish to purchase, along with a link to the page on the site where you found the product cheaper showing the advertised purchase price. The competitor’s delivery costs (if delivery is not included in purchase price)

If this all checks out, and the match is for a current purchase, we’ll then email you confirmation reducing the amount you pay for that product down to the agreed price.


For more details, please read our Price Match Terms & Conditions in the FAQ.

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